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Sculptured Beauty

Are you ready to let your inner beauty shine?

Offering both regular and once off beauty treatments, with Sculptured Beauty you’ll feel like a brand new YOU.

Let’s be real - as women we juggle a ton of different things, from work or running a business, to trying to stay fit and healthy, or supporting our families with their needs.


Putting ourselves first doesn’t always come naturally, which is why it is important to spend much needed time on looking after yourself and now’s the time to start!


Whether you desire smoother more radiant skin, laser hair removal, acne treatment, skin tightening or tattoo removal, we offer an extensive range of treatments to suit your needs.


Renew Your Mind, Body & Soul


At Sculptured Beauty, our purpose is to help you to look and feel your absolute best - which we understand is unique to each individual.


If you have a special occasion coming up, such as a wedding, anniversary or holiday, let our beauty consultants know what you would like to achieve.


After visiting our salon, we promise you will leave feeling fully refreshed and rejuvenated, ready to face the world.


Do you have questions about our procedures?

We offer non-obligation consultations to discuss your problem or concerns.


our beauty services

As soon as you step foot in our salon, the Sculptured Beauty experience begins.


Our peaceful salon offers an escape from the busyness of day-to-day life, where you can truly unwind. For some women, it is about relaxation and a facial or massage is in order. For others, they would like to improve their confidence and accentuate their physical beauty.


Ready to be pampered by the Sculptured Beauty team?


Select one of the treatments below. Or if what you’re after isn’t listed, let us know and we will provide expert advice on how to achieve your desired outcome.


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